New to house concerts? Please read a bit of info about house concerts in general:

A house concert is a musical performance hosted in a residential home, apartment or a community room as opposed to a regular public venue (like a bar or coffeehouse). Often, out-of-town acts will book house concerts the days before or after they play a larger public venue in the area, giving the artist the chance to connect with fans and maximize their time, while you get a chance to see A-list performers in a more casual, intimate setting. Taylor House Concerts take place in a spacious colonial home in Roland Park (ample street parking on Roland Avenue) resided by music-lovers.


Depending on the available space and the comfort level of the host, house concerts range quite a bit in size and scope. Some are 20 people in a little living room. Others are 50 people in the basement. Others are 100 people in a backyard. Taylor House Concerts are expected to be about 30 people using our open first-floor living space with sitting and standing room within view of the artist(s).

PRE-SHOW Please try to arrive promptly at 7:00pm. To take advantage of the intimate setting, Taylor House Concerts begin with a brief mingling period for acquiring seats and beverages (please bring a drink and snack to share!) and socializing for 20 minutes with other guests. The performance begins at 7:20pm!


Everyone settles down in the living room on chairs, (or steps if we are at capacity) - wherever you can find a comfortable nook for yourself - then the music begins. Taylor House Concerts will be largely acoustic in nature given the size of our performance space, with a small PA when needed. Typically there will be an opening performer, a short snack break and then a featured performer doing one 60-minute set.

An important note, this is a house concert, not a house party with some music playing in the background. Concert-hall etiquette is expected, which means seated, not talking, enjoying the music while artists are performing. Therefore this may not be a suitable venue for young children. (and note there will be plenty of time to chat before and after the show.)


Schedule permitting, Taylor House Concerts will end with another ~30 minute mingling period for sharing desserts, beverages and socializing, usually with the performers joining the conversation as well. Performers may also bring merchandise (CDs, shirts, etc) for sale if you want to take away a memory of the evening and further support the artists.


Because of the limited capacity, house concerts require a very good idea of how many people are coming as not to over-stuff the performance space or turn people away. Taylor House Concerts requests that you make a donation to the artist via PayPal (see main page) to reserve your space and your intention to attend.



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